Story Time

Female Founders Swim Sets Enterpreneurs
Hi, Decker here! I want to tell you a little story about the birth of my baby, La Trunk.
So, I forgot a bathing suit for a literal beach vacation. (Everyone does this at some point, right?!) Scrambling to find something to wear to a beach club, I found a store selling swimwear. For men only. So, naturally, I bought men's swim trunks and really didn't think a thing about it...
Until, I had the best day of my life. After wreaking havoc on the dance floor, swimming laps in the ocean, and making 10 new friends, it hit me: I was free! Free to move however I want without worrying about what unexpected wardrobe malfunction could happen next. I was liberated from worries about a missed wax appointment and escaping tampon strings. I had POCKETS. I was free to play however I liked.
I approached my sister and she agreed that the current state of women's swimwear was actually restricting instead of enhancing her valuable time at the beach. Both of us being previous Division I athletes (self-call?) and from Santa Barbara, swimwear that enhanced our active lifestyle just made sense!
So, we are thrilled to level the playing field – bringing comfortable and chic bathing suit options to women for all ages and stages of their lives. Women want the convenience, comfort, and flexibility of trunks. We want to go to the beach and brunch and back again. And with that simple mission, La Trunk was born.