Why La Trunk Swimwear is Right for You

Two women in blue sports bra bikini tops and swim shortsAt La Trunk, we are done with clothes that limit us. Clothes should not only be chic, but also liberating, comfortable and empowering. So we created a brand centering around women’s swim trunks.

Because swimwear should fit you, not the the other way around.

Because enjoying the beach should be about enjoying the beach.

Because the current bikini options just aren't cutting it.

Because there’s a lake at the top of your hike.

Because tampon strings.

Because you’re an athlete.

Because wiping out while learning to surf.

Because you didn’t have time for a wax.

Because you’re with your significant other's mom…or dad…or grandma.

Because pockets.

Because it’s 75 degrees and you’re going sailing, and then playing beach volleyball, and then going to a clam bake.

Because men shouldn’t be the only ones who don’t have to change between beaching and brunching, and brunching and beaching.

Because clothes should represent you.

So you can do you, best.